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Miss Whitney is originally from Evansville, WI. She received her primary training at A Leap Above Dance before spending a year at UW-Whitewater, participating in both their Dance Team and Dance Company. After returning to the Madison area, she continued her dance education by becoming a member of the Dane County Hawks and the Madison Wolfpack dance teams. Whitney also spent a summer in San Diego attending the Academy of Performing Arts, APAStudios and enjoys taking classes occasionally through the UW-Extension program.

Whitney received her degree from Edgewood in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management and currently serves as an HR Coordinator for TDS. In addition to this full-time job and teaching at ALAD, she is a company member and choreographer for Madison Contemporary Vision Dance (MCVD). Her involvement in MCVD has proven to be one of her sources of inspiration. She appreciates each person’s individual styles and strengths and admires that everyone involved does so purely for the love of dance.

Through her experience, Whitney knows that dance is a place to have fun, be creative, and make lifelong connections. She has learned and hopes her students learn that no matter what is going on in your life, you will always have the support of your dance family.

Favorite things: Christmas trees (owns FOUR), Christmas ornaments, CATS, Harry Potter

My Teaching Philosophy