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Miss Sue has lived in the Madison area for over twenty years and also has over twenty years of teaching experience. She received her degree in dance from the University of Colorado-Boulder and participated in the first Colorado Tap Dance Festival in 1985. This festival marked the revival of Tap Dance in America and brought many notable and esteemed Master Instructors and performers including Charles "Honi" Coles, Jimmy Slyde, Steve Condos, Jane Goldberg, Brenda Buffalino, and Gregory Hines.

Today, Sue continues to enjoy attending tap festivals and master classes. She most recently attended the Point Tap Fest at UW – Stevens Point, learning from Jeanne Hill, Mark Goodman, Lynn Schwab, and Mark Yonally. In addition to teaching dance and participating in these tap classes, Sue serves our Nations Veterans as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator at the VA Hospital in Madison.
Sue is most inspired by dancers at any level who are willing to share both their art and their emotions with an audience. She believes that dance is a conversation that we can have with ourselves, with other dancers, and with our audience. Her teaching philosophy stems from the idea that technique is the foundation to build that conversation. Sue’s goal in teaching is to help dancers grow their expression from this foundation.
Favorite things: traveling, trying new foods from around the world.

My Teaching Philosophy