Miss Aleah’s Profile

My Bio

Miss Aleah grew up in Evansville, WI. She was one of Miss Natalie’s first students at A Leap Above Dance, training in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, and lyrical. She danced for the UW Whitewater Dance Team before transferring to UW Madison and becoming a member of the Wolfpack Dance Team. She enjoys participating and learning from dance workshops and continues to participate in hip hop classes today. In addition to this being her sixth year teaching, Aleah works as a PR and Social Media Manager at Shine United.

Dance has always been Aleah’s favorite creative outlet, believing that it is incredible to be able to speak or tell a story through movement. Her teaching style is focused around cultivating the emotion and meaning behind every movement. She believes that in order to be a successful dancer, you have to know why each dance you are performing exists and how each will make the audience feel.

Aleah is currently inspired by all the artists who are changing the world of hip hop. She particularly admires Stephen “Twitch” Boss, Matt Steffanina, and Tricia Miranda among others for bringing more visibility to hip hop in the dance community through their online presence.

Aleah truly enjoys teaching hip hop because she loves helping and watching students break out of their shell to discover their own unique style of movement. She hopes that each student will learn to use their individual style to successfully convey an emotion and draw the audience into their performance.

Favorite things: snowboarding, trail running and road races, cycling
Fun facts: She’s raising Nubian dairy goats. She’s engaged and getting married in 2017!

My Teaching Philosophy

“Dance is so much more than just a physical challenge - it's a practice of musicality, an expression of emotion and a way to expand your creativity and think in new ways. Dancing touches your life in so many more ways that you first expect, and I encourage anyone to fuel that passion."