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My Bio

Miss Corinne is originally from Eden Prairie, MN, where she began her dance study at Dance Arts Centre and La Danse Fatale. There, she trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, and tap before moving to Boston for college. While pursuing her undergraduate degree at Boston University, Corinne furthered her dance education by dancing with The Edge Dance Company and taking classes at both the Boston Ballet and Jeannette Neill Dance Studio.

While this is Corinne’s fifth year teaching, she also lives a “secret double life” as a PhD student at UW-Madison. She is studying Neuroscience and Speech-Language Pathology, specifically motor control of swallowing. On top of teaching and living her double life as a student, Corinne is also a company member and choreographer for Madison Contemporary Vision Dance.

Corinne incorporates both of her “lives” into her teaching. She uses the Socratic Method by asking questions to encourage the use of critical thinking to understand the technique of dance. She also enjoys including lessons on physics so that her students can understand the rationale behind the corrections that are given to them.

Teaching continually renews Corinne’s passion and energy for dance. She finds it rewarding to be able to translate technique into words and see her students then translate it back into dance.

Favorite things: cooking (makes ravioli, ice cream, & bacon from SCRATCH), knitting, yoga

My Teaching Philosophy