Miss Ellie is a native of Madison. She has over 15 years of ballet training, learning from various teachers and eventually studying under the direction of the instructors at Madison Ballet.  She also has experience in modern, jazz, and contemporary. Upon her high school graduation, Ellie moved to Los Angeles to further expand her love of dance by learning various forms of dance from many different teachers. In addition to teaching dance, she also works at a substance abuse/mental health clinic.

Miss Ellie teaches Balanchine technique. She loves this style for its energy and athleticism. She also appreciates how it blends technique with aesthetics to create beautiful lines and movement on all dancers. Ellie teaches this style and other forms of dance because she enjoys sharing her passion with others and watching the technique and artistry of her students develop. 

In teaching, Ellie has high expectations of her students. She believes in jumping right into class and leaving everything else at the door. Her expectations come from believing that her students are capable of more than they even know. 

Fun fact: She lives in a little house in Verona with her husband, her son and THREE dogs