Miss Erin is originally from Joliet, IL and has been living in Madison since 2020. She began her dance training at Encore Dance Productions where she studied ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, and hip hop. She competed at many prominent competitions throughout her ten years of being a part of their dance company. In addition to competing and training, Miss Erin began teaching and choreographing during her senior year of high school.

Currently, Miss Erin is continuing her dance education as a dance major at UW Madison. She is training in ballet, modern, and contemporary as well as in performance and choreography. She truly enjoys the creative process of working with others and discovering ways to combine her style with styles of the dancers to make a piece of choreography work. Her ultimate goal for her professional dance career is to become a traveling choreographer, traveling to new places to set pieces on others.

In teaching and in choreographing, Miss Erin believes communication is the key to a student teacher relationship. She teaches because she loves sharing what she has learned with others. She uses her experiences to pass along things that she wishes she had learned when she was younger to help grow young dancers today. Miss Erin believes that no matter the age, dancers and teachers should be able to communicate clearly, in both directions, their expectations and boundaries when it comes to learning this artform.

Fun Fact: She loves Interior Design and is also getting a certificate in Design Strategy in addition to her dance major!