Miss Liv, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, moved to Wisconsin in 2009. She received most of her training in classical ballet through the RAD method, graduating from RAD level 8. She danced professionally in Brazil from 2007-2009 and began teaching in 2014 after she moved to the United States. 

Liv’s sources of inspiration have truly influenced the type of dancer and type of teacher she is today. Growing up, her biggest inspirations were always her parents and her teachers. The sacrifices her parents made to make sure she was able to dance inspired her to be the best she could be. The passion and commitment her teachers had to sharing their lives and passions with their students inspired Liv to do the same. 

Now, Liv teaches because she wants to give back the knowledge she has acquired through her many years of training. She teaches because she feels that it is her responsibility to pass on what she knows and because she want to make a positive impact on the lives of those she has the opportunity to teach. 

Liv’s goal when she teaches is to be able to teach responsibility and respect while nurturing her students’ passion for dance. She recognizes that ballet, in particular, is a very strict dance style. She believes that it is through the traditional format of ballet that dance can teach students responsibility, resilience, and professionalism. So, more than teach dance, she wants her students to value and learn the other important aspects that ballet involves and teaches. 

Favorite things: reading (obsessed with books), watching movies, walking/hiking, sushi, peanut butter