A Leap Above Dance

A Leap Above Dance

A Leap Above Dance Class Progression

Class Progression Matrix

Ballet                                                    For older students starting late
Creative Dance (3)                                         Beg Ballet/Jazz (7-8)
Creative Dance II (4)                                     Ballet I & II (9-11)  or Beg Ballet/Tap (9-12)                                
Pre-ballet (5-6)                                               Open Teen Ballet (12-up)                                           
Ballet I (6-9) 
Ballet/Jazz Intermediate (7-8)                        
* Ballet/Jazz Intermediate II (8-10)
Ballet III (9-12)
Ballet IV (11-up)
* Ballet V (12-up)
* Ballet VI (13-up)
* Advance Ballet (14-up)

* Beg Pointe (11-up)
* Pointe I (12-up)
* Intermediate Pointe (12-up)
* Intermediate Pointe II (12-up)
* Advance Point (14-up)

Jazz                                                        For older students starting late
Ballet/Jazz Intermediate I (7-8)                       Beg Ballet/Jazz (7-8)
Ballet/Jazz Inter. II (8-9)                                 Jazz/Hip Hop I & II (9-11)                 
Jazz III (9-12)                                                  Open Teen Jazz
* Jazz IV (11-up)                       
* Jazz V (12-up)                                                    
* Jazz VI (13-up)
* Advance Jazz (14-up)   

Beg Tap (4)                                                     Tap 1 (8-12) or Beg Ballet/Tap (9-12)
Tap I (5-7)                                                       Adult Tap
Tap II (6-9)
* Tap III (8-up)
* Tap IV (10-up)
* Tap V (12-up)

Hip Hop Classes
Jazz/Hip Hop I & II (9-11) (12-up)
Hip Hop III (11-13) & (High School Only) or Open Teen Hip Hop
* Hip Hop IV (14-up)

Other Classes
Pilates for Dancers (11-up)
Modern I (10-up)
Modern II (10-up)
* Modern III (13-up)
* Modern IV (14-up)
Boys Jazz (5-7)
Boy Jazz II (8-11)
Musical Theatre (8-11)
Musical Theatre (12-up)

Additional Class Requirements
In order to take Pointe you must also take 2 ballet classes a week.
In order to take Jazz level III and up you must also take a ballet class.
* Need Instructor’s Permission

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